PMM Billing System And Solution

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  • Meter Settlement

    Accumulated energy read from the meters is used for generation totals. However, this is not the value that is used for settlement by the off-taker or utility. The settlement value is often the recorded values in the meters memory accessed using our specialized Billing system, this settlement information is used to reconcile the plant’s generation for billing purposes. In large plants, the difference between the accumulated energy and the meter’s settlement value is significant. PMMB billing system can be integrated with almost any energy meters to provide the additional settlement energy values.
  • Automated Billing

    The process of billing can be tedious. Typically, plant operator will export the data from their SCADA systems and import it into complex spreadsheets or separate systems to divide the energy data into separate time of day to match the plant’s PPA rate schedule. The information is then entered into the customer’s accounting system where additional details are added, eventually producing a sales order and invoice that is sent to the off-taker for billing. PMM Billing Solution added support to automate the process. For example, it allows customers to review and automatically create invoice in their accounting system without any manual manipulation .
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The Billing solution from PMM is designed to overcome the complex bill settlement and tedious operations associated with energy data gathering. The System is part of several site hardware and software components to simplify how owners run their sites economics.

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