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  • A compact-sized and sturdy Tractor model
  • Equipped with a strong, powerful, low-water consumption water jet nozzles
  • UV-resistant brush with a sensor that enables automatic adjustments of it to maintain a safe distance from the PV solar panel
  • Sturdy hydraulic system with safe and high precision hydraulic arm positioning capabilities
  • Fast and requires minimal manpower
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The DirtBuster is PMM’s tailored washing system mount solution designed to clean the ground-mount photo-voltaic solar panel arrays for medium and large PV Solar farms.

The DirtBuster PV washing mount system comes with two models, the Tractor mount model, and the Truck mount model, and it comes with various cleaning brush length dimensions.

The system mechanism is equipped with strong, powerful low-water consumption water jet nozzles. The UV-resistant brush, which is made of special material that is soft and gentle on the PV Solar panel surface prevents abrasions to the surface of the panels, but strong on dirt to get it cleaned.

The system mechanism features a 4.5m (177.16”) and 2m (78.74”) wide brush that can turn at speed from 90 – 160 RPM, and it has a sensor that will automatically adjust the brush to maintain a safe distance between the brush and the PV Solar panel.

The UV-resistant brush is made of special soft material that cleans well and prevents abrasions to the surface of the panels and can be easily swung to the side of the vehicle while driving between the solar panels which increases the efficiency of the process. It is designed to be compact in size to enable it to perform well in tight places, reach areas where other cleaning machines can’t, easy to maneuver, transport, operate and park. It is also designed to make the job easier and by one operator. It is fast too, as it is possible to clean a 1MWp site in about 3 hours. It is powerful on dirt with its optimized water nozzle design that delivers the right pressure on the surface to clean the dirt, though economical on water usage.

DirtBuster washing system technology usage on PV Solar farms will assist operators to decrease their O&M cost, manpower needs, and possible injuries while increasing the energy yield of the PV Solar farm and hence the financial returns.

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