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Features and Benefits

  • Controls Design
  • Control Panel Builds
  • Installs & Upgrades
  • Software and PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
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PMM Turnkey Automation Solution

PMM offers both automation and Integration providing turnkey solutions water and waste control, telecommunications, oil and gas refining, and energy. Clients benefit from PMM experience with projects of all sizes, complexities, and scopes.


PMM specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial Automation and SCADA Systems. We use intelligent automation to ensure system success. The process for each system begins long before project initiation.

Our staff works closely with the customer to define and understand the target process and materials, expected system performance, available facilities, the level of human interaction, budget, and schedule. With this information our team can produce rapid design reviews, procure long lead items and other hardware, generate software, and integrate all system components to achieve an on-time, cost-effective automated control system. Each system is designed, developed, tested, delivered, installed, and commissioned into service, with a project manager charged with responsibility for the entire project from beginning to end.

It collect data and report information from the system and its components. PMM provides a custom developed local GUI (also known as HMI-Human Machine Interface) as the operator’s interface for every turnkey solution. This is the point of interface that allows the operator to initiate and monitor all operations of the system, including selecting and starting automatic programs, performing: manual functions, maintenance and troubleshooting functions, warning and alarm monitoring, process equipment set-up and calibrations, input of process control parameters, error logging & recovery, and process monitoring. A typical HMI will include definable user access levels, input screens for the operators to set process parameters, and warning/alarm levels. In addition to the HMI, we offer PMM our cloud-hosted Systems Monitoring and Control Service. Each dashboard in PMM is custom developed to user requirements, and provides email/text alerting, reporting, and online access to critical system information.

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