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Project EPC Services

ISRAR provides Project EPC services meaning we becoming in charge of designing the energy solution to help the client to solve any energy problems and then move on to the construction of that specific project. ISRAR’s EPC services allows us to support our clients throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

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Project Planning and Supervision Services

ISRAR’s project management experts help to achieve project completion on time and within budget, with desired quality through seamless coordination with various stakeholders.

We help to minimize the risks associated with the project and provide timely information and project deviations due to changes in specifications and enable achieving cost optimization. This enables taking corrective measures in case of any deviations identified in course of implementation, thus, saving on costs and adhering to timelines. As an independent third party, we provide an impartial analysis that helps in assessment for disputes and contractor claims.

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Supply and Procurement Services

Solar procurement has an increasingly critical role to play in terms of increasing supply chain resiliency, accessing supplier innovation, and delivering enterprise-wide cost reductions. Leveraging ISRAR’s long-standing partnerships and material allocation agreements with many of the PV sector’s most important material suppliers, our solar procurement team is focused on creating differentiated value for manufacturers, EPCs and solar project developers around the world.

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Delivery and Logistics Services

Delivery, transportation for the solar energy industry involves careful handling of equipment and sometimes the movement of oversized cargo.

ISRAR’s staff represents the entity that has the knowledge, experience, and resources to exceed all standards in warehousing solar equipment, delivering all components on schedule and ensuring communication and coordination between several parties to make sure everything comes together on time and within budget in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

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ISRAR conduct a detailed construction plan to ensure potential roadblocks are resolved and all host requirements are accommodated. Starting with the engineering and construction phase, the project team keeps a rigorous deliverable schedule which includes a detailed, project-specific checklist. By placing special emphasis on the engineering and construction phase of each project, we maintain a clear channel of communication with installation teams. In the construction planning phase, the project team coordinates logistics to ensure such concerns as materials security, project oversight, and regularly scheduled status meetings are addressed.

We provide complete and comprehensive system testing at every step of the installation process. This commitment to quality means the testing phase is rigorous and thorough. The team ensures the following matters:

  • The system has been constructed according to plan and abides by all building code requirements.
  • All system components, including inverter operation, module and string voltages, combiner boxes, disconnects, grounding, and monitoring systems, are fully tested.
  • The entire system is then re-tested “end-to-end” to ensure it is performing to its maximum potential.
  • Upon final installation, the team makes sure all technical and warranty documentation is provided and eliminates the need for the end-of-project paper chase.

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Testing and Commissioning

Testing is the most important step in commissioning. ISRAR’s testing service includes but not limited to PV module, earthing, inverter, wiring, etc. according to (62446‐1 IEC and IEC TS 62446‐3) standards following the National and International regulations for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage sides.

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