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We take care of your investment.

Only a well maintained plant is a productive plant. Many causes can affect the performance of your plant during its life ranging from technical issues to environmental conditions. We believe that maintaining a plant is more than just “fixing” it. We put a maximum effort in preventing faults and keep your plant performing at its best

Cellular Antennas

O&M Services

ISRAR provides set of activities that allow a solar PV power plant to optimally produce energy. It includes three basic functions: rapid problem identification and resolution, minimization of downtime due to faults, and comprehensive reporting and transparency.

Such as:

  • Test and inspection visits
  • Monthly and annual operation reporting
  • Ground maintenance and land management
  • System Monitoring and fault detection
  • 24/7 security control
  • Scheduled and breakdown maintenance
  • Panel cleaning
  • Thermographic diagnostic surveying
  • Consumable and Spare parts stock control
  • Warranty Management

Cellular Antennas

O&M Materials

ISRAR’s partnered with Chemitek to provide the most efficient cleaning solution for PV solar panels.

Solar Wash Protect (SWP) is a liquid concentrate that when diluted in water and used on panels will not only clean the surface perfectly but will also slow the adhesion and accumulation of dirt on the solar panel. As a result, SWP will reduce the cleaning frequency, increase the energy harvesting and panel efficiency and will optimize water use.

It is an innovative, unique, fully tested and PV manufacturer approved solar panel washing solution that cleans efficiently a wide range of contaminants like bird droppings, dust, cement dust, pollen, lichen, coal dust, etc. Also, it leaves and anti-adherent protection on the panel afterwards.

Features :

  • Non-Solvent/pH neutral
  • Anti-adherent surface protection
  • Biodegradable.
  • Phosphate & Chlorine Free

Benefits :

  • Fast, easy, and efficient cleaning of any kind of dirt.
  • Easy, moderate, and hard soiling.
  • Decreasing water consumption.
  • PV glass protection due to its ant-adherent properties, therefore dirt don’t stick easily to the panel thus improving the next washes of the panel.
  • Avoiding the fast decrease of solar panel power output; therefore helping in enhancing the solar panel yield.
  • Preventing damaging the panel components which leads to extending their life automatically.

Cellular Antennas

O&M Equipment

The DirtBuster is PMM’s tailored washing system mount solution designed to clean the ground-mount photo-voltaic solar panel arrays for medium and large PV Solar farms.

The DirtBuster PV washing mount system comes with two models, the Tractor mount model, and the Truck mount model, and it comes with various cleaning brush length dimensions.

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