• Data Logging

    Records several thousand data channels with a resolution of up to one second

  • Protocols

    Modbus-RTU, Modbus TCP, inverter protocols, sensor protocols, IEC 101 and IEC104 protocols

  • Data Transfer

    FTP, SFTP, FTPS Server and Client functionality

  • API


  • Simple HMI

    Web browser-based visualization and control interface

  • Configuration Interface

    Browser based web-frontend

  • Absolute production constraint

    A controlling function used to limit the active power generated at the point of connection

  • Power Gradient Constrain

    Enforces a gradient at which the plant must ramp its active power to the desired set point, to prevent disturbances on the network

  • Voltage Control

    Regulates the voltage at the point of connection

  • Reactive Power Control

    Regulates the reactive power at the point of connection

  • Power Factor Control

    Regulates the plant at a constant power factor at the point of connection

  • Frequency Control

    As defined in the grid code, it considers both under and over frequency conditions

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PMM1105 is a reliable and flexible solution capable of controlling a series of different elements present in PV and Wind power plants to achieve TSO (Transmission System Operator) or DSO (Distribution System Operator) requirements at the point of common coupling.

The international requirements for grid stability management are met using closed loop controls offering the following functionalities:

  • Active Power Reference, with or without ramp rate limiter (increase or decrease power if it is possible)
  • Active Power Curtailment, regardless of the presence of a ramp rate limiter
  • Frequency control depending on the frequency deviations
  • Voltage Control through an automatic voltage regulator
  • Reactive Power control
  • Power factor control

Data acquisition and control is inverter independent and gives feedback about losses due to inverter malfunction, PV modules soiling, shading and but not limited to module degradation.

This Windows based platform can control up to 200MW PV plants with just one controller meeting all international requirements and fulfilling IEC 60870-5 (communication protocol for supervisory control and data acquisition) standard for active power, reactive power, ramp rates, etc. Data collection rate can be down to one second or more, which is often required by utilities to zoom for grid impacts tests.

The strength of this flexible data solution is its ability to perform signal conditioning, data storage, transfer and compression. Communication is fast, easy and reliable as it uses the communication industry standard protocols (Modbus), longer distances can be reached effortlessly through fiber optic technology.

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